Cam2300 camera transmitter

Specifications CAM 2300

About 10 years ago, HFprints started developing portable and mobile wireless video products. It all started with medium range analogue video transmission systems, but soon a portable transmitter was added to our portfolio. To give a cameraman more freedom during live coverage, we developed a small COFDM and HD compatible transmitter that can be clicked onto your camera. Despite its small dimensions, the useful range of this transmitter is up to several km, also in crowded areas.

The used COFDM modulators and receivers are developed in cooperation with RS-broadcast in Germany but all High frequency modules are in-house developed and produced.

Hfprints COFDM wireless video transmitters give high quality images and sufficient wireless range to have a good value for money. Because of our multiple years of experience we will be able to setup a wireless video connection can advise you for the best solution

CAM 2300 in action
CAM 2300 in the feeld
Mounting plate