Video reporter products

  • Cam2300 camera transmitter

    Specifications CAM 2300 About 10 years ago, HFprints started developing portable and mobile wireless video products. It all started with medium range analogue video transmission systems, but soon a portable transmitter was added to our portfolio. To give a cameraman more freedom during live coverage, we developed a small COFDM and HD compatible transmitter that […]

  • TBR425 UHF receiver

    Specification TBR 425 TBR425 is a small UHF receiver that is used with our TBT425 talkback transmitter or CLB200 base station. Its small size makes it great in use; you can just put it in your pocket. Its long life rechargeable battery has a capacity for at least 20H operation (up to 30H typical) and […]

  • TBT425 talkback transmitter

    Specifications TBT 425 When using a WZ reporter transmitter with a CLB200 base station it is easy to communicate between WZ and CLB because a talkback transmitter is integrated in the CLB, when using a Video Camera transmitter and you want to communicate, you need a separate talkback transmitter and receiver. TBT425 is a transmitter […]