CLR 200 & CLR 200 WB Receiver

Specifications CLR 200 & CLR 200WB

CLR200 series receiver is an easy to use compact diversity receiver for short, medium or long distance reporter or STL connection. Received audio can be mono or stereo*.

CLR200 series receiver is available in two versions, both are 16 channel diversity models, the main difference is the reception range. The base model has a reception range of 8MHz within the range of 174-230MHz were the wideband model can receive the full 174-230MHz range without modifications. This wideband model is therefore more versatile in for example mobile reporter systems.

On front panel are a clear LCD frequency display for frequency readout, two 16 channel switches and led bars for temperature, RF and audio levels. The backside is suited with N type antenna connectors, XLR audio connectors, a Sub D9 for reprogramming, a 220V euro connector and optional XLR4 for 12V mobile use.

*for optional stereo decoding, HiDyn audio compression is used for best audio quality.

See our datasheet for full technical specifications.

CLR 200