CLT 200 Reporter transmitter

Specifications CLT 200

CLT200 reporter transmitter is a compact 19 inch easy to use transmitter available in mono or stereo audio. This transmitter is preprogrammed with 16 channels to choose from and with its 10W RF output it is very useful for medium range wireless radio connections.

On front panel are a clear LCD frequency display for frequency readout, one 16 channel switch and led bars for temperature, RF power and audio levels. Three switches for TX on/off, stereo/mono and high/low RF power make it easy in use and minimize operating errors.

The backside of the transmitter is suited with N type antenna connector, 2 XLR audio connectors, a Sub D9 for reprogramming, a 220V euro connector and optional XLR4 for 12V mobile use.

We advise to use the build-in HiDyn audio compression technique to increase signal to noise ratio, for optional stereo encoding, HiDyn audio compression is always used for best audio quality.

Standard frequency range = 180-220 MHz, 16 preprogrammed channels, UHF version on request.

See our datasheet for full technical specifications.

Please Note: This product is no longer available.

CLT 200