Intercom systems

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Communication between broadcast control and operators in the field is very important. A lot of companies rent HFprints portable transmitters for this communication.

Using a HFprints portable transmitter set with diversity receiver gives an advantage over other intercom systems. Most intercoms can be used up top 100 meters were the portable HFprints transmitter can be used up to several kilometers. One disadvantage is the need of a license.

To avoid the need of a license, HFprints started to develop a small intercom beltpack with low rf power and build-in multiple receiver. The belt pack is quite small and easy to operate. Build-in transmitter will produce 50mW (license free) or 150mW (license required). An extra feature: transmitters output power is dynamically adjusted when it is closer to the receiver base unit .

Most important difference between hfprints intercom and other intercoms is the full diversity of the receiver in the base unit. This functionality will increase the range of the beltpack.

The 19 inch base unit receiver contains 4 diversity receivers and a wideband retour transmitter. Transmitters RF output is 50mW (license free) or optional up to 2W (license required). Other possible option: 2 more diversity receivers.

HFprints intercom is also available as rackmount modular system what gives more freedom in configuration required.

The new intercomsystem will be available from 2nd quarter of 2017

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