TBT425 talkback transmitter

Specifications TBT 425

When using a WZ reporter transmitter with a CLB200 base station it is easy to communicate between WZ and CLB because a talkback transmitter is integrated in the CLB, when using a Video Camera transmitter and you want to communicate, you need a separate talkback transmitter and receiver. TBT425 is a transmitter designed for this task.

A TBT425 is a talkback transmitter that can be configured as a single transmitter but also as a double transmitter or a double transmitter with a build-in MOB receiver. Both transmitters can work separately at the same time. In combination with the MOB receiver, it is possible to build a relays connection.

Optical, TBT425 look familiar to the CLB series, a clear display shows the used frequencies and led bards show audio and RF levels. Operating is easy with the function switches that are similar to the CLB200. Build-in transmitters have 5W RF output and a flat audio response up to 3.5 KHz with a SN of 45dB (unweighted). Remote control is optional. See our datasheet for full technical specifications.

TBT 425 video