Radio reporter products

  • Intercom systems

    Communication between broadcast control and operators in the field is very important. A lot of companies rent HFprints portable transmitters for this communication. Using a HFprints portable transmitter set with diversity receiver gives an advantage over other intercom systems. Most intercoms can be used up top 100 meters were the portable HFprints transmitter can be […]

  • Portable reporter transmitter

    Specifications Portable reporter transmitter HFprints WZ is a compact full portable transmitter with internal UHF receiver with excellent HF and audio specifications. It’s compact and easy to use design is new to this market. It has been designed to replace the larger size models like Sennheiser Ser 20, but with equivalent audio and RF specifications. […]

  • CLR 200 & CLR 200 WB Receiver

    Specifications CLR 200 & CLR 200WB CLR200 series receiver is an easy to use compact diversity receiver for short, medium or long distance reporter or STL connection. Received audio can be mono or stereo*. CLR200 series receiver is available in two versions, both are 16 channel diversity models, the main difference is the reception range. […]

  • TBR425 UHF receiver

    Specification TBR 425 TBR425 is a small UHF receiver that is used with our TBT425 talkback transmitter or CLB200 base station. Its small size makes it great in use; you can just put it in your pocket. Its long life rechargeable battery has a capacity for at least 20H operation (up to 30H typical) and […]

  • TBT425 talkback transmitter

    Specifications TBT 425 When using a WZ reporter transmitter with a CLB200 base station it is easy to communicate between WZ and CLB because a talkback transmitter is integrated in the CLB, when using a Video Camera transmitter and you want to communicate, you need a separate talkback transmitter and receiver. TBT425 is a transmitter […]

  • Low Power P2P transmitter

    Specification Low power transmitter Since 2004 it is possible to arrange permanent short distance wireless audio connections without a license. This EU harmonized frequency range is normally used for wireless microphones. In this frequency range the maximum EIRP is only 50 mWatt, but with good aerials, a distance of several KM can be setup. This […]

  • CLT 200 Reporter transmitter

    Specifications CLT 200 CLT200 reporter transmitter is a compact 19 inch easy to use transmitter available in mono or stereo audio. This transmitter is preprogrammed with 16 channels to choose from and with its 10W RF output it is very useful for medium range wireless radio connections. On front panel are a clear LCD frequency […]

  • CLB 200 Base Station

    Specifications CLB 200 CLB200 Reporter base station is just one of the models of a complete range of radio reporter products. CLB200 is a complete base station that includes a diversity receiver and UHF transmitter that can operate simultaneously, very useful when communicating with our wireless portable WZ transmitter. CLB200 is available in two version, […]