CLB 200 Base Station

Specifications CLB 200

CLB200 Reporter base station is just one of the models of a complete range of radio reporter products. CLB200 is a complete base station that includes a diversity receiver and UHF transmitter that can operate simultaneously, very useful when communicating with our wireless portable WZ transmitter.

CLB200 is available in two version, one wideband version that gives a receiver range from 174-195MHz and 202-230MHz and a standard version with a switching bandwidth of 8Mhz in the range from 174-195 or 202-230MHz.

Frequency readout, led bars and just a few buttons to operate on the front panel, this products in very easy in use and minimizes operating errors. Despite is ease of use; CLB200 has outstanding specifications, see our datasheet for full details.

As an extra feature for the wideband version, it is possible to reprogram all receiver channels with a HyperTerminal connection.

Optionally for both models we can offer remote control, compatible with several computerized systems; also UHF versions are available on request.

CLB 200
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